1. Domino teams up with Retail Jeweller to stage Christmas VM seminar for retailers
  2. The Gold Price Climbed $1.10 to Close at $1,313.90
  3. The Gold Price Climbed $4.00 to $1,312.80
  4. Annoushka makes US push at Saks Fifth Avenue
  5. Gold Price Could Drop to $1,290 and Stop, or Spike to $1,280 and Scare Every Gold Bug to Death
  6. Iridium price on 22/08/14 £12.282 per GM
  7. Silver price on 22/08/14 £378.961 per KG
  8. The Gold Price Lost $13.60 Closing at $1,281.30
  9. London Diamond Bourse debuts online stock platform
  10. The Gold Price Could Drop to $1,260 Without Violating it's Reigning Uptrend
  11. Jason Holt leads new apprenticeship standard for Craftsmanship industry
  12. Rhodium price on 22/08/14 £26.798 per GM
  13. New jewellery apprentice standard to be realised
  14. The Gold Price Broke it's Support and Avalanched 1.07 Percent to Close Comex at $1,290.60
  15. Blue Nile goes global with Arabic language site
  16. Seiko opens first US boutique
  17. Silver and Gold Might Give Us a Chance to Buy at Lower Levels
  18. British designers win Asian online retail push
  19. The Gold Price Remained Unchanged at $1,303.30
  20. The Gold Price Dropped $2.60 Closing at $1,295.10
  21. NPA appoints Member Ambassador for London region
  22. Aurum chief mulls Mappin and Webb overseas growth
  23. The Gold Price Lost 40 Cents Closing at $1,308.50
  24. The Gold Price Closed Down Near the Uptrend Line at $1,306.10
  25. We Will See a Short Spike Downward in Silver and Gold Prices
  26. De Beers Group confirms new registration period
  27. The Gold Price Closed Down $3.40 at $1,294.90
  28. Both Silver and Gold Prices Closed Right on Their Uptrend Lines, Gold Closed at $1,304.50
  29. Silver and Gold Prices Seem Determined to Hold on Here
  30. Etsy celebrates launch of new Wholesale division
  31. H+T pledge book declines but retail sales jump 49%
  32. The Gold Price Added $4.10 to Close at $1,310.80 Today
  33. Fine watch exhibition SalonQP is to return to London’s Saatchi Gallery this year with 26 new brands
  34. Gold price on 22/08/14 (AM) £24.83 per GM
  35. New shop-in-shop concept a success for Trollbeads
  36. Tateossian celebrates its 25th anniversary with new store opening
  37. The Gold Price Gave Up $6.80 on the Comex Closing at $1.297.70
  38. The Gold Price Dropped $19.70 to $1,273.70 Good Day for Buyers
  39. Argyle marks 30 years of pink with feather pendant
  40. Ruthenium price on 22/08/14 £1.326 per GM
  41. The Gold Price Rose $4.50 to Close at $1,313.70
  42. Trollbeads celebrates successful roll out of shop-in-shops
  43. The Gold Price Sprang $22.70 Clearing Two Resistance Levels to Close at $1,306.70
  44. The Gold Price Dropped $5.00 Closing at $1,298.30
  45. Palladium price on 22/08/14 £17.122 per GM
  46. The Gold Price Lost $4.40 this Week Closing at $1,304.50
  47. The Gold Price Lost $5.60 Today Closing at $1,287.70
  48. The Assay Office Birmingham receives a £70,900 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund
  49. London Diamond Bourse introduces new initiative for members
  50. Asian shopping mall set to rejuvenate Green Street
  51. De Beers launches pre-owned diamond valuations
  52. Silver and Gold Prices have Turned Up Either After One More Little Low or Immediately
  53. Fellows expands with new Jewellery Quarter offices
  54. Gold price on 22/08/14 (PM) £24.778 per GM
  55. The Gold Price Leapt Up $12.30 to $1,293.60
  56. Platinum price on 22/08/14 £27.458 per GM
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About the BJA

The British Jewellers’ Association is the national trade association which promotes and protects the growth and prosperity of UK jewellery and silverware suppliers. With over 1000 member companies, BJA represents manufacturers, bullion suppliers, casting houses, diamond and gem dealers, designer jewellers, silversmiths, craftsmen and women, equipment suppliers, wholesalers, galleries, internet retailers and traders.

Formed in 1887, the BJA has given strong leadership for the industry for over 125 years.

Our mission is to “promote and protect the growth the UK jewellery & silverware industry.”

We are committed to:

  • Helping members to improve their prosperity
  • Protecting the UK jewellery and silverware industries
  • Increasing the UK market share for BJA members
  • Increasing the share of export markets for BJA members

The BJA provides its members with a wide range of business services specially geared towards the jewellery and silverware industry which are specifically designed to save members time and money. The BJA also works hand in hand with major organizations, European and Domestic legislature, and key influencers to make sure that the views ofmembers are heard.

The BJA is part of the British Allied Trades Federation – a group of six trade associations in the consumer goods field, based in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. It has its own permanent Secretariat, which is based in Birmingham. Managed by a Chief Executive Simon Rainer, he is responsible to the BJA National Committee under the leadership of an elected Chairman. Members are kept closely informed of all decisions taken by the committee and are encouraged to participate in the running of their association.

There are 3 classifications of BJA membership:

  • Full member – annual subscriptions are based on number of employees. Only full members can vote at the BJA AGM
  • Designer/Craftsperson – discounted rates available
  • International Associate (on application)

With all 3 classifications, members are asked to sign and abide by the BJA Code of Ethics:

  1. To maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics.
  2. To comply with all Government laws and regulations relating to the jewellery, watch and related industries.
  3. To support and abide by the Articles of Association and objectives of the British Jewellers’ Association and this Codeof Ethics.
  4. To provide a standard of product and service of the highest possible quality commensurate with price.
  5. To establish clearly the guarantee or service policy regarding all merchandise and to fulfill that policy.
  6. To provide knowledgeable and competent expertise and clearly indicate the true quality of products offered for sale.
  7. To adhere to sound business practices and thus ensure continuing service to customers and suppliers alike.
  8. To refrain from all forms of design copyright and trademark infringement.
  9. To refrain from trading in conflict diamonds.

Further details on how to join the BJA can be found here