1. Hot Diamonds independent sales up 118%
  2. The Gold Price Lost $5.60 Today Closing at $1,287.70
  3. All is in Place for a September Gold Price Rally
  4. BJA and NAG hosting consultation period for merger
  5. Silver and Gold Prices have Turned Up Either After One More Little Low or Immediately
  6. BJA and NAG confirm unification with Together We’re Stronger message
  7. Today at IJL
  8. Brands and buyers praise new venue at upbeat IJL show
  9. The Gold Price Closed Above it's 200 Day Moving Average at $1,288.70
  10. Industry backs Fairtrade Foundation bridal push
  11. The Gold Price Lost 40 Cents Closing at $1,308.50
  12. Silver and Gold Prices Seem Determined to Hold on Here
  13. The Gold Price Added $4.10 to Close at $1,310.80 Today
  14. Gem-A launches CSR course for jewellery industry
  15. Signet UK Q2 store sales "best in seven years"
  16. Gold price on 01/09/14 (PM) £24.879 per GM
  17. The Gold Price Climbed $4.00 to $1,312.80
  18. Gold Price has Traded Out into the Nose of an Even Sided Triangle Since July
  19. The Gold Price Closed Down $3.40 at $1,294.90
  20. The Gold Price Sprang $22.70 Clearing Two Resistance Levels to Close at $1,306.70
  21. Rhodium price on 01/09/14 £25.705 per GM
  22. The Gold Price Lost $13.60 Closing at $1,281.30
  23. Platinum price on 01/09/14 £27.527 per GM
  24. Iridium price on 01/09/14 £12.217 per GM
  25. Ruthenium price on 01/09/14 £1.278 per GM
  26. Silver price on 01/09/14 £375.199 per KG
  27. The Gold Price Dropped $5.00 Closing at $1,298.30
  28. September is Nearly Always a Supremely Strong Month for Silver and Gold Prices
  29. Charity auction at IJL raises more than GBP3,200
  30. Retail optimism soars to highest level since 2002
  31. The Gold Price Reached $1,291.90 Today, Falling Back to Close Comex at $1,283.80
  32. Pandora announces new chief executive
  33. Waiting list now in operation for PJ Hot 100
  34. The Gold Price Leapt Up $12.30 to $1,293.60
  35. The Gold Price Sits on the Buying Opportunity of 2014
  36. Tiffany European store sales dip 5% in H1 results
  37. Silver and Gold Might Give Us a Chance to Buy at Lower Levels
  38. The Gold Price Dropped $2.60 Closing at $1,295.10
  39. Endless announces partnership with Jennifer Lopez
  40. The Gold Price Closed Unchanged at $1,285.80
  41. IJL opens its doors at a new venue
  42. Pandora lines up new CEO
  43. The Gold Price Lost $4.40 this Week Closing at $1,304.50
  44. The Gold Price Dropped $19.70 to $1,273.70 Good Day for Buyers
  45. Shetland Jewellery crafts locket to feed the world
  46. The Gold Price Could Drop to $1,260 Without Violating it's Reigning Uptrend
  47. B&N unveils new Holts Academy student ring set
  48. The Gold Price Climbed $1.10 to Close at $1,313.90
  49. IMAGE GALLERY: Esoteric Luxury debuts new Mayan-inspired Yucatan collection at IJL
  50. Gold price on 01/09/14 (AM) £24.9 per GM
  51. Failed deliveries cost retailers GBP771m in 2014
  52. Palladium price on 01/09/14 £17.623 per GM
  53. Links of London brings everyday luxe to IJL
  54. NAG unveils new Ensure Insurance Replacement Scheme at IJL
  55. IJL charity auction raises over £3k for Breast Cancer Care
  56. The Gold Price Gave Up $6.80 on the Comex Closing at $1.297.70
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