1. Gold Price Tumbled $10.40 to End Comex at $1,215.30, down 0.8%
  2. Silver and Gold Prices Closed Lower with Gold Ending at $1,237.40
  3. The Gold Price Reached $1,291.90 Today, Falling Back to Close Comex at $1,283.80
  4. Gold Price Bounced Smartly Up Off the Low
  5. Bijorhca Paris enjoys successful show
  6. The Gold Price Lost $3.30 to Close at $1,243.50
  7. Silver and Gold Prices Gained with the Gold Price Closing at $1,235.20
  8. Ruthenium price on 30/09/14 £1.214 per GM
  9. Gold Silver Ratio is not Confirming Lower Prices in Gold and Silver
  10. The Gold Price Lost $13.10 Closing at 1252.70
  11. Jewellers hit in Argyll Arcade smash and grab raid
  12. The Gold Price Fell $1.20 this Week Ending at $1,214.10
  13. Carat* makes debut appearance on Paris Fashion Week catwalk
  14. Silver and Gold Prices Have Both Reached Their Line in the Sand
  15. The Gold Price Rose $4.20 to $1,221.00 on Comex
  16. The Gold Price Gained $1.50 Closing Comex at $1,216.80
  17. All is in Place for a September Gold Price Rally
  18. The Gold Price Closed Unchanged at $1,285.80
  19. GIA launches lower-cost fee structure for QA tests
  20. The Gold Price Rose $2.60 Today on Comex and Ended at $1,221.20
  21. Esoteric Luxury develops further with e-tail site
  22. The Gold Price Closed Above it's 200 Day Moving Average at $1,288.70
  23. New York takes stage in new Harry Winston campaign
  24. Downton-effect pushes interest in Art Deco jewels
  25. The Gold Price Closed Lower at $1,246.80
  26. Palladium price on 30/09/14 £15.371 per GM
  27. Allum & Sidaway scoops customer service award
  28. Gold Price Closed at $1233.60 Up $3.70
  29. The Gold Price Closed Down at $1,229.90
  30. The Gold Price Gave Back a Lethargic $3.80 to Close at $1,265.10
  31. Silver and Gold Prices Lower with the Gold Price Closing at $1,218.60
  32. Exclusive: Lola and Grace opens debut UK store within Swarovski shop
  33. Rhodium price on 30/09/14 £25.688 per GM
  34. The Gold Price Remains Oversold Adding $3.40 Closing Today at $1,217.50
  35. Chopard chief executive scoops fashion award
  36. Gold price on 30/09/14 (PM) £24.118 per GM
  37. The Gold Price was Holding Steady Until the FOMC Report Closing Down at $1,234.40
  38. Fog Bandit helps deter Argyll Arcade robbers
  39. Personalised brand Joulberry opens first showroom
  40. Boticca reveals rebrand and executive appointments
  41. Boticca unveils rebranded image and new website
  42. Record Attendance for N.A.G Annual Industry Conference
  43. Platinum price on 30/09/14 £25.783 per GM
  44. Diamonfire launches new vintage inspired collection
  45. Joulberry opens first showroom in Hampton Court
  46. Gold Price Made a V-Bottom Overnight at $1258
  47. September is Nearly Always a Supremely Strong Month for Silver and Gold Prices
  48. Gold price on 30/09/14 (AM) £24.002 per GM
  49. Laings releases statement following Argyll raid
  50. Seiko launches new multi-media campaign
  51. IN PICTURES: Ressence Watchfinder Launch
  52. IN PICTURES: Pandora World Heart Day brunch
  53. Peculiar Vintage branches out with Brighton shop
  54. Iridium price on 30/09/14 £11.944 per GM
  55. IN PICTURES: Bulgari 'Chiming Time' exhibition
  56. RJC teams with Signet for China industry push
  57. Esoteric Luxury launches new website
  58. Silver price on 30/09/14 £341.344 per KG
  59. De Beers launches melee synthetic screening device
  60. Gem-A confirms two new conference speakers
  61. GIA team explores Montepuez ruby mining operation
  62. 14% of men unhappy with engagement ring purchase
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