1. Dazzle plots return to London's gallery@oxo
  2. The Gold Price Lost $3.30 to Close at $1,243.50
  3. Fairtrade seeks industry input to improve Standard
  4. The Gold Price Closed Lower at $1,246.80
  5. Rhodium price on 17/09/14 £25.688 per GM
  6. September is Nearly Always a Supremely Strong Month for Silver and Gold Prices
  7. Former Alfred Terry employee revives collections
  8. Gem-A announces new sponsors for Conference 2014
  9. Gold Price has Traded Out into the Nose of an Even Sided Triangle Since July
  10. Cookson Gold unveils new format website
  11. Global diamond demand reaches record GBP48bn high
  12. Ruthenium price on 17/09/14 £1.246 per GM
  13. Silver and Gold Prices Closed Lower with Gold Ending at $1,237.40
  14. The Gold Price Dropped $2.60 Closing at $1,295.10
  15. TW Steel announces partnership with VR|46 brand
  16. Pandora secures Japanese distribution partnership
  17. The Gold Price Lost $13.10 Closing at 1252.70
  18. Silver and Gold Prices Have Both Reached Their Line in the Sand
  19. The Gold Price Closed Down at $1,229.90
  20. IN PICTURES: Rock Vault SS15
  21. The Gold Price Gave Up $6.80 on the Comex Closing at $1.297.70
  22. Carat* signs five shop-in-shops at positive IJL
  23. Talbots unveils modernised brand identity
  24. Silver and Gold Prices Gained with the Gold Price Closing at $1,235.20
  25. Cookson Gold launches new multi-platform website
  26. T H March names Make Your Mark competition winner
  27. Carat* reveals new collections and shop-in-shop openings
  28. F Hinds joins battle to overhaul business rates
  29. Platinum price on 17/09/14 £26.867 per GM
  30. Diamond industry encouraged to invest in marketing and technology in order to maintain growth
  31. The Gold Price Climbed $1.10 to Close at $1,313.90
  32. Palladium price on 17/09/14 £16.572 per GM
  33. MyFlashTrash aims to take on Etsy with the launch of MyFlashTrash Mall
  34. The Gold Price Gave Back a Lethargic $3.80 to Close at $1,265.10
  35. London’s Dazzle contemporary jewellery selling exhibition returns to gallery@oxo
  36. The Gold Price Dropped $19.70 to $1,273.70 Good Day for Buyers
  37. The Gold Price Lost $4.40 this Week Closing at $1,304.50
  38. Gold Price Made a V-Bottom Overnight at $1258
  39. F Hinds joins over 100 companies in call to overhaul business rates
  40. Shop vacancy rates decline in first half of 2014 although North/South divide remains
  41. Gem-A confirms sponsors for 2014 conference
  42. New Birmingham Assay Office building taking shape
  43. G-Shock Premium launch new watch in collaboration with the RAF
  44. The Gold Price Climbed $4.00 to $1,312.80
  45. Gemworld Munich 2014 approaches
  46. The Gold Price Closed Unchanged at $1,285.80
  47. Gold price on 17/09/14 (PM) £24.323 per GM
  48. Iridium price on 17/09/14 £12.057 per GM
  49. My Flash Trash to take on Etsy with Mall platform
  50. Footfall dips in August despite rise in sales
  51. Gold Silver Ratio is not Confirming Lower Prices in Gold and Silver
  52. Silver price on 17/09/14 £367.129 per KG
  53. All is in Place for a September Gold Price Rally
  54. The Gold Price Reached $1,291.90 Today, Falling Back to Close Comex at $1,283.80
  55. The Gold Price Closed Above it's 200 Day Moving Average at $1,288.70
  56. Gold Price Closed at $1233.60 Up $3.70
  57. Gerald Ratner to headline UK Jewellery Conference
  58. Silver and Gold Prices Seem Determined to Hold on Here
  59. ChloBo to launch new Starry Eyes AW14 collection
  60. Gold price on 17/09/14 (AM) £24.394 per GM
  61. The Gold Price Sits on the Buying Opportunity of 2014
  62. Jo Henderson launches jewellery consultancy firm
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