1. Gem-A launches CSR course for jewellery industry
  2. Silver Price Broke its Downtrend Line Rising 3.57%
  3. UK Jewellery Awards entry deadline today
  4. NAG and BJA announce new name as merger continues
  5. Assay Office Birmingham launches new website
  6. Fraser Hart opens Worcester store
  7. Buy the Breakout in Gold and Silver
  8. Comex Gold Price Closed $13.30 Lower at $1,279.40
  9. The Gold Price Ended the Year at $1,183.90 Down 1.5 Percent for the Year
  10. Platinum price on 28/01/15 £26.588 per GM
  11. Gold Price is Punching at the Overhead Downtrend Line from the October 2012 High
  12. Palladium price on 28/01/15 £16.646 per GM
  13. Birmingham Assay Office unveils refreshed website
  14. Q&A: Andrew Warner, co-founder, Anchor & Crew
  15. Gold and Silver Prices Keep on Bouncing Right Back
  16. Stephen Webster designs bracelet for GOSH
  17. Ruthenium price on 28/01/15 £1.19 per GM
  18. Silver and Gold Prices May Have Turned Around Pivoted on the 1st December Lows, the Gold Price Rose $18.50 to $1,200.20
  19. The Gold Price Closed at 1,276.90
  20. Swatch Group set to increase prices
  21. The 1 December Gold Price Lows Were the Final Lows
  22. The Gold Price Closed Up $30.30 or 2.45 Percent at $1,264.70
  23. Gold Price has Broken Out to the Upside Against the Pound, Euro and Yen
  24. Professional Jeweller launches Hot 100 2015
  25. The Gold Price Rose $2.10 to Close $1,186.00 on the Comex
  26. Domino to release Starla collection at JWB
  27. NAG and BJA reveal name of unified body
  28. The Gold Price Rose $12.30 Closing at $1,291.70
  29. Anchor & Crew celebrates successful debut year
  30. The Gold Price Rose 10 cents Today Closing at $1,234.40
  31. Iridium price on 28/01/15 £11.687 per GM
  32. The Gold Price Dropped $16.20 to $1,179.70
  33. Gem-A announces new CSR for Jewellery Professionals course
  34. Stephen Webster supports Great Ormond Street
  35. Watches of Switzerland wins store design award
  36. The Gold Price Fell $1.80 Ending at $1,177.90
  37. Anchor & Crew boosts 18 UK doors with social media
  38. The Gold Price Gained $61 or 4.95 Percent Since Last Monday, Closing Today at $1,293.70
  39. The Gold Price Rose $30 or 0.63 Percent this Week Closing Up at $1,216
  40. Gold Price Has Now Closed Two Weeks Above the Downtrend Line from the October 2012 Top
  41. BCU students produce Weston Beamor designs
  42. Gemporia tackles returns with new ring sizer app
  43. Assay Office Birmingham presents hallmarking review
  44. JGF Europe adopts product sectorisation
  45. Exhibitors and visitors praise changes at busy VicenzaOro show
  46. Today's Little Slides in Silver and Gold Prices Don't Mean Much
  47. Gold price on 28/01/15 (AM) £27.222 per GM
  48. Goldsmiths Centre to host Inspired silver exhibit
  49. Gold Price Gained $15.40 or 1.28% to $1,219.30
  50. Diamond Boutique presents 'Art of Possible'
  51. Gemporia releases ring sizer app
  52. Retail Jeweller to make online changes
  53. Albion Fine Jewellery preps for debut J&WB
  54. Retail staff unhappiest in the UK
  55. OWL adds to watches with fresh jewellery range
  56. Bering launches new chronograph collection
  57. The Gold Price Rose $17.30 or 1.35 Percent Closing at $1,294.20
  58. 5th Avenue looks ahead to 2015 with J&WB
  59. Petra revenue rises 16% in six-month report
  60. Silver price on 28/01/15 £379.346 per KG
  61. The Gold Price Lost $4.10 Closing at $1,173.80
  62. Gold price on 28/01/15 (PM) £27.29 per GM
  63. The Gold Price Jumped $16.70 or 1.4 Percent to Close at $1,232.70
  64. Retail Trust announces launch of Retail Winners
  65. Rhodium price on 28/01/15 £25.078 per GM
  66. Today the Gold Price Lost $13.60 to End at the Equivocal $1,181.70
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Consumer Help & Advice


From time to time the BJA receives calls from members of the public with regard to buying jewellery. Sometimes enquirers are looking for information and advice, or very occasionally seeking to resolve a complaint or a dispute.

Naturally we are interested to learn of situations where a BJA member may not have given the level of service we would expect, but we simply cannot intervene in situations which involve jewellers who are not members of the BJA.  You can carry out a preliminary check to see whether a jeweller is a member of the BJA by using the search box at the foot of the menu on the left but not all members ask to be listed on our website so you can also ring our membership department on 0121 237 1110.  All BJA members are expected to abide by a code of ethics, a copy of which can be viewed here.

This first section is to help you understand your rights when purchasing jewellery (but nothing here can be construed as definitive legal advice, which may vary in your individual circumstances) and recommendations to help you build a strong relationship with your retailer.

  • About Jewellery and the Materials we use.
  • Purchasing from a Shop
  • Asking about Returns
  • Purchasing from a website, TV channel or by mail order
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Selling Your Old Gold Jewellery

The following linked pages offer advice about key areas to inform your buying choice.

Ethical Jewellery
Buying Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones and Pearls
Precious Metals and Nickel
Buying Jewellery
Selling Jewellery

About Jewellery and the Materials we use

The items of jewellery and silverware which our members design, craft and sell, carry an emotional value which transcends mere materials and craftsmanship. They are purchased often as a gift of love, or to mark a significant occasion or achievement and with care and understanding can give a lifetime of pleasure. This web page is designed to offer information and advice to help members of the public to buy with confidence and to understand a little more about issues surrounding the purchase of jewellery and ways in which complaints and disputes can be avoided.

Please remember that most of the materials we use to make jewellery are natural and have been mined from the earth’s crust (gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones and minerals) or harvested from the seas (pearls, shell, coral etc). They are natural materials which have to be refined and alloyed, (metals) or cut (faceted or carved) and polished and there are many variables which mean that it is difficult to make generalisations or assumptions about your jewellery.

Ask your jeweller about your purchase and how to maintain its condition. Do not assume that it is hardwearing, even if the material is platinum - think carefully about how you wear it and the patterns of behaviour which are part of your routine – eg how you handle keys or scissors, tools etc and how they might damage your jewellery.