1. IJL Editor’s Choice five winners announced
  2. Southwark wins third annual Touchstone Award 2014
  3. F. Hinds celebrates double award and NAG success
  4. The Gold Price Closed $7.80 Higher at $1,323.80
  5. Dorchester hit by second robbery in four weeks
  6. The Gold Price Closed Higher at $1,320.90
  7. The Gold Price Lost $6.10 Today Closing at $1,316.10
  8. Deakin & Francis launch a new collection in celebration of their 228 year heritage
  9. Iridium price on 11/07/14 £11.687 per GM
  10. Dansk Smykkekunst receives Danish Export Award
  11. The Gold Price Inched Up Closing at $1,322.20
  12. High Street losing battle with online shopping
  13. Rhodium price on 11/07/14 £21.782 per GM
  14. Platinum price on 11/07/14 £28.291 per GM
  15. Would Not Surprise Me if Gold and Silver Prices Corrected Next Week
  16. Dansk Smykkekunst bags royal Danish export award
  17. Kalevala Jewelry launches in the UK
  18. Silver and Gold Prices are Coming Off Overbought Conditions, So it is Logical for them to Fall Further
  19. The Gold Price Rose $2.80 to Close at $1,321.80
  20. The Gold Price Rose Today Closing at $1,317.60
  21. Palladium price at 13-year high amid supply fears
  22. It Appears Silver and Gold Prices Will Correct this Week
  23. The Gold Price Smashed Three Resistance Levels to Close Higher at $1,313.70
  24. Travel retail sales grow 12% as airports expand
  25. Silver and Gold Prices Both Rose Today with the Gold Price Closing at $1,330.70
  26. London mobster hid in jewellery design job
  27. RJC monitors success in first Impacts Report
  28. The Gold Price Closed at $1,316.00 Down 50 cents
  29. All Silver and Gold Price Indicators are Positive, Both Metals Look Ready to Sprint
  30. The Gold Price Rose $1.40 Closing at $1,253.50
  31. So Jewellery lowers prices on gifting collections
  32. The Gold Price Rose $1.40 this Week Closing at $1,320.40
  33. The Gold Price is in an Unbroken Rally from 1 June Closing Up at $1,337
  34. Silver price on 11/07/14 £401.884 per KG
  35. IJL unveils five Editor's Choice winners for 2014
  36. GIA team uncovers gemstone treasures in Brazil
  37. Gold price on 11/07/14 (PM) £25.075 per GM
  38. Today the Gold Price Rose $1.20 to $1,274.90
  39. Ruthenium price on 11/07/14 £1.286 per GM
  40. The Gold Price Lost $3.20 to Close at $1,271.70
  41. The Gold Price Closed Higher Today, Up $1.00 to $1,260.80
  42. The Gold Price Climbed Above it's 300 Day Moving Average Closing at $1,338.70
  43. Industry optimistic at Houlden summer getaway
  44. Palladium price on 11/07/14 £16.286 per GM
  45. Gold price on 11/07/14 (AM) £25.058 per GM
  46. Rightsteps and Retail Trust join forces to tackle mental health
  47. The Gold Price Shot Up Over 1 Percent Closing at $1,273.60
  48. So Jewellery launches ‘Silk Diamonds’ collection at IJL
  49. The Gold Price Rose $6.30 Closing at $1,259.80
  50. SMEs ignoring GBP52.6bn in mobile sales revenue
  51. Scottish Fashion Awards unveil jewellery nominees
  52. Silver and Gold Prices Closed Higher this Week with the Gold Price Closing at $1,273.70
  53. The Gold Price Rose $42.90 this Week Closing at $1,316.60
  54. The Gold Price Added $4.60 to Close at $1,326.40
  55. Gucci sends young musicians to Grammy Camp
  56. Bulgari unveils the MVS High Jewellery Collection 
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Designer Showcase

Designer Showcase monitorThe new BJA Designer Showcase is a unique website offering designers the opportunity to showcase their collections to retailers. Acting as an online marketplace the BJA will draw in a captive audience of retailers (members and non members) looking to buy jewellery designed in Britain from accredited BJA designer makers. The BJA will be launching the website in July; here is an exclusive preview of the site,we're looking for designers to populate the website, ready for the big launch!

The BJA have created the site in response to a rise in the number of retailers looking to invest in design led British products. Representing both retailers and designers we understand the needs of both parties. The showcase will be much more than an online directory it will include images of the pieces, branding, packaging and links to social media sites allowing the retailer to visualise the collection in their store, all of which can uploaded and managed by the designer. This sleek new website has been designed around a professional template with the users in mind. For the retailer the pull is immense because of the quality and variety of the work but also because of the way it will be displayed. For designers it is an exciting opportunity to reach out to retailers who may not have come across them otherwise. The designer showcase will be linked from the main BJA website which already receives over 8,000 unique visits a month. Additional traffic will be directed into the site through trade press and other marketinginitiatives, this platform is aimed to give your collections a strong online presence.

Although the BJA will charge the designer maker a small fee per collection displayed unlike many other marketplaces the BJA will not take a cut of the profits, all enquires will come straight through to the designer. Meaning you’re in control! You set your own prices and negotiate your own deals! Interested retailers will contact you directly and then it’s up to you to seal the deal!

How much does it cost?

Designers will be charged a small fee to take part in this new exciting project, The BJA will charge the designer £130 + VAT for the first collection and then £100 +VAT for each subsequent collection, for a years exposure on the website!

Interested? We’d like to hear from you

Register your interest with us today, outlining details of your website, product collection(s), pricing and promotional support material.

We will then send you an invite to take part in the new project

Register here



Designer benefits:

  • Wide trade audience
  • Affordable entry
  • No commission on orders
  • Guidance & advice
  • PR opportunities
  • Upload multiple collections

Check out the benefits leaflet   Designer Showcase benefits for designers

Retailer benefits:

  • Free access
  • Market - ready designers
  • View marketing material
  • Discounts for BJA Members
  • Easy search facilities
  • Buy with confidence

Check out the benefits leaflet   Designer Showcase benefits for retailers