1. The Gold Price Added $4.60 to Close at $1,326.40
  2. Grieb & Benzinger create special commission
  3. The Gold Price is in an Unbroken Rally from 1 June Closing Up at $1,337
  4. Silver and Gold Prices Blew Hot and Cold
  5. The Gold Price Climbed Above it's 300 Day Moving Average Closing at $1,338.70
  6. It Appears Silver and Gold Prices Will Correct this Week
  7. LVMH jewellery and watch revenue grows 3% in H1
  8. The Gold Price Lost $6.10 Today Closing at $1,316.10
  9. The Gold Price Closed Down $9.40 at $1,296.90
  10. Farah Qureshi challenges international PR campaign
  11. The Gold Price Closed $7.80 Higher at $1,323.80
  12. Rising jewellery designers and metalwork stars shine at The Goldsmiths’ Centre
  13. IBB overhauls wholesale ordering with new website
  14. Rosie Sanders presents the final part of her Renaissance Rebel collection
  15. Both Silver and Gold Prices Closed Right on Their Uptrend Lines, Gold Closed at $1,304.50
  16. Powder Hill unveils Enchanted Forest collection   
  17. Silver and Gold Prices Both Rose Today with the Gold Price Closing at $1,330.70
  18. The Gold Price Shot Skyward, Up $17.10 to Close at $1,316.70
  19. Gold Price Could Drop to $1,290 and Stop, or Spike to $1,280 and Scare Every Gold Bug to Death
  20. Tivon launches 2014 edition of design competition
  21. Iridium price on 31/07/14 £11.864 per GM
  22. Smart move for Rudells new-look website
  23. The Gold Price Closed at $1,316.00 Down 50 cents
  24. Platinum price on 31/07/14 £28.069 per GM
  25. Palladium price on 31/07/14 £16.781 per GM
  26. Gold price on 31/07/14 (PM) £24.483 per GM
  27. Spotlight on the Goldsmiths' Centre for Shine 2014
  28. Rhodium price on 31/07/14 £24.595 per GM
  29. Gold price on 31/07/14 (AM) £24.671 per GM
  30. Folli Follie announces celebrity brand ambassador in China
  31. Silver and Gold Prices are Coming Off Overbought Conditions, So it is Logical for them to Fall Further
  32. Kering buys watchmaker Ulysse Nardin
  33. The Gold Price Closed Down Near the Uptrend Line at $1,306.10
  34. De Beers Group operating profit climbs 34%
  35. Pure Grown's 3ct synthetic diamond breaks records
  36. Would Not Surprise Me if Gold and Silver Prices Corrected Next Week
  37. The Gold Price Closed at Down $3.40 at $1,294.90
  38. Leading UK casting houses embrace Fairtrade gold
  39. Chisholm Hunter MD steps up for Commonwealth run
  40. Lucet Mundi wins distribution Down Under
  41. Pandora prompts roll call of shops at Frenchgate
  42. The Gold Price Rose $4.50 to Close at $1,313.70
  43. Ruthenium price on 31/07/14 £1.302 per GM
  44. Goldsmiths' Fair reveals Zaha Hadid's show picks
  45. Silver and Gold Prices May Spend a Couple of Weeks Correcting, Get Ready for Sale Prices
  46. The Gold Price Dropped $5.00 Closing at $1,298.30
  47. New faces join Rock Vault SS15 designer line-up
  48. Drakes employee wins diamond design competition
  49. The Gold Price Rose $1.40 this Week Closing at $1,320.40
  50. The Gold Price Broke it's Support and Avalanched 1.07 Percent to Close Comex at $1,290.60
  51. Astrid and Miyu launch a pop-up at Topshop Oxford Circus
  52. We Will See a Short Spike Downward in Silver and Gold Prices
  53. The Gold Price Remained Unchanged at $1,303.30
  54. Managing director of Chisholm Hunter carries the Queen’s Baton
  55. Silver price on 31/07/14 £393.975 per KG
  56. The Gold Price Rose $2.80 to Close at $1,321.80
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